We are a group of 11 individuals who are working towards a world without sexual violence. Although our backgrounds span diverse areas like engineering, education, human ecology, psychology, and medicine, we all met through experiences as volunteer crisis counsellors and educators on sexual violence in our community of Edmonton, Alberta. The ideas we’ve shared on this website have been gathered from various sources and experiences and by no means belong solely to us. This website is an invitation to start conversation, not a rulebook. We acknowledge the limitations of our own backgrounds and privileges in understanding different experiences of sexual violence and are continually seeking new ways to improve our own understanding of this issue. We are passionate and excited about making change and hope this resource will inspire you to build upon and challenge the small knowledge base we can provide.

Nina Lam, Crystal Woloshyn, Nicole Perry, Lily Le, Kristen Hemrick, Niresha Velmurugiah, Julia Dalman, Amy Hegstrom, Sarah Stonehocker, Jessie Breton, Marc Huot

ConsentEd appreciates the ongoing support of the Alberta Public Research Group