Stalking, or criminal harassment, is an intentional and repeated invasion of a person’s physical or emotional space. This invasion results in a sense of chronic fear, violation, and a loss of personal privacy. Stalkers can be strangers, relatives, acquaintances, or current and ex-partners.

Examples of stalking include:

  • Spying on someone or following them around.
  • Persistent, unwanted contact with notes/phone calls/emails.
  • Contacting someones friends and family without their consent.
  • Showing up at someone’s workplace or waiting outside of their home.
  • Leaving unwanted gifts.
  • Threatening and intimidating by damaging property and hurting pets.

If the stalker persists, victims may take desperate measures to feel safe, such as changing their phone number, filing a restraining order, or in some extreme cases, moving to a new place.

For more information on stalking, visit this website (Canada) and check out this stalking fact sheet (Canada) or this one (US).