Free our minds

A world without sexual violence is a world with unbelievable freedom of thought. We have gotten used to living with
the heaviness of a rape-prone culture. Many incredible things in life- whether it’s travelling to a different country, going on a first date, or spending time alone, are often tainted by the fear of sexual violence. Ending sexual violence has a reach far beyond the violence itself. It would also be:

  • A world where our enjoyment of spontaneity and adventure is not dampened by nagging fears about sexual violence.
  • A world where we can choose our behaviours and appearances without fear of being sexually harassed or gossiped about.
  • A world where we can see sexual activity as something entirely positive, never as something dirty, degrading, or wrong.
  • A world where we never think about sexual assault when a friend, family member, or partner doesn’t come home on time.
  • A world where we feel confident that the boundaries we set with people will always be respected.

Sexual violence has our society captive in more ways that we can even realize. Let’s finally end this- now is the time for freedom. Instead of having to think about sexual violence, what would you rather be doing?