The better world

Of all the information on our website, if there’s one thing we hope you take away – it’s that we all deserve better.

We deserve to have a choice about when and how we have sexual experiences and we deserve to have those choices respected 100% of the time. We deserve to walk where we want and wear the clothes that we want without worrying about being sexually assaulted and being blamed for it. We deserve TV shows and movies that don’t promote sexual violence and make a mockery of people’s traumatic experiences. We deserve to be believed and supported if we are survivors of sexual violence, and we deserve a society that actively condemns sexual violence in all its forms. We deserve a world without sexual violence!

In a rape prone world, much of our society, our relationships, and our lives are defined by sexual violence. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our world doesn’t have to be defined by sexual violence. Our world doesn’t have to include sexual violence.

This world is one where we finally get to live free from sexual violence. Free from experiencing it. Free from watching people we love be affected by it. Free from worrying about it. Free from even thinking about it.

This is an incredible world we’re talking about, but it is not an impossible one. So many people wouldn’t be working so hard on this issue if it was a lost cause.

This website is an introduction to the real meanings of sexual violence, why our world is rape-prone, and what real change looks like. Where to go from here? Have conversations with your family members and friends about consent, check out the amazing groups and resources out there, and spread the word that we’re building a better world.